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Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. To help answer any questions you may have while shopping at http://www.orangeliving.sg, we have gathered a list of answers to our customers most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and speak with our knowledgeable service representatives.

1. How do I create an account and place an order online

To begin, click "Add this to my order" at the top or bottom of any product detail page. Once you have added an item to your order you may either click "Continue Shopping" or "Begin Checkout" at the bottom of the shopping cart page. When you click "Begin Checkout" you will be asked to Sign In. The "Sign In" page is where new customers create an account. You can only create an account or sign in to your existing account after you have added an item to your order and clicked the "Begin Checkout" button

2. Is your web site secure?

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All orders are transmitted over secure Internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. All of your personal information including your credit card information and sign-in password are stored in encrypted format at all times. This Website, and more importantly all user information, is further protected by a multi-layer firewall based security system.

3. I created an account but forgot my password.How can I get my password, or create a new password?

If you have created a Guest Account and have forgotten your password, click here to enter your email address. We can email it to you in a matter of minutes.

4. What is a Guest Account? Why should I get one and what are the benefits?

There are several benefits for owning a unique Guest Account. Your Account not only identifies you as a valued customer, but also allows us to personalize your shopping experience. When you log into your account, you can track the status of your orders, as well as view your order history. Our database will also remember your billing address so you don't have to enter it each time. Look forward to more benefits in the near future which will make your shopping and life more simple

5. Online Order Status.

You may now check the status of your online orders by logging into your account from the "My Account" link at the top of every page or from the link on the bottom of your Order Confirmation.

6. How does the purchasing work?

Just simply clicking on your desired item, stating your preferred size or color and selecting the “Add to Cart” option. Once you’re done filling up your virtual shopping cart, follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen.

You can choose to have purchased products delivered to your doorstep, or to collect it from our warehouse yourself. Once the transactions is approved, the operation will proceed with the arrangement. Deliveries are usually arranged within 3 – 6 working days, depending on the availability of stock in our warehouse.

For most products, you can select between two types of payment offered:

1. Cash on Delivery

2. Payment Online with your credit card.

Our backend system will evaluate your shopping selection and recommend you your payment options based on the items in your cart.

7. Can I choose to pay by bank transfer?

For bank transfer, you may have to contact the Orangeliving operation for request of bank transfer If you would like to pay via bank transfer. You may also write to us by leaving a note stating your intention to do so in the “Remarks” column upon check out. We’ll email you our bank account details for you to make the transfer. For I-Banking, please email us the last 4 digits of your order invoice number as well as your I-Banking nick for verification after making payment. If you used an ATM to, please email us the receipt number together with the date & time of transfer.

8. How much is the delivery fees?

There will be a charge of $20 for purchases below the amount of $150. There are no installation charges, unless otherwise stated.

Any deliveries requested after 6pm during standard delivery days will be subject to a S$40 delivery surcharge. Staircase Delivery* charges apply where necessary.

*For more details, kindly refer to orangeliving.sg Terms & Conditions

9. Can I exchange my mattress if I only realize that I don’t find it suitable after purchase?

Each mattress can be exchanged for another model of the same price or more within 7 days of delivery, provided that the product is still in a resalable condition with the original wrapping, warranty and accessories completely intact. In the case of a swap to a more expensive model, you’ll need to top up the difference in value between your original order and the new one.

A restocking fee of S$30 is applicable for each exchange.

We may refuse to do the exchange if the mattress is in an unacceptable condition (refer to previous paragraph for description). Once delivered and accepted, there will be no refunds.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more on our exchange policy.

10. Can I exchange the furniture I don’t really like after accepting the goods?

Yes. Exchange is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

11. I have an old mattress to get rid of. Can Orangeliving.sg dispose of it for me?

No, we do not provide disposal services of your old mattress. Please contact your town council for assistance in disposal service.

12. Can I change the item and delivery date after I place my online order?

Yes. Please notify us on any changes or cancellations at least 48 hrs prior to the original delivery timeslot by emailing [email protected] for immediate

assistance, please call +65 6396 6616 during our office hours. We’ll try our utmost to deliver the changes, but there might be delays depending on the availability of your new choice in our stock or slots in our delivery schedule.

13. How long do I have to wait for my items to be delivered after I make the order?

Delivery is usually within 6 – 15 working days, unless otherwise stated. You will be able to select your preferred delivery date and time frame when the order is placed online. You will receive an order acknowledgment via email.

14. Is the delivery time I had chosen during ordering confirmed?

The delivery time frame that you have selected online is tentative. We ask for your preferred delivery day so we can to try to arrange and the plan the route to have the goods delivered at your convenience as a service.

You will be informed of the estimated delivery time frame, one day prior to the delivery date, if we are unable to fulfill the preferred time frame. If you do not receive any call from us, it means the delivery is arranged to be delivered between the preferred time frame.

There will be no deliveries scheduled between 6pm onwards. This timeslot is set aside for vehicle loading at the orangeliving.sg warehouse.

15. My order originally contained a combination of items which qualified for Free Delivery. If I reject an item which voids the Free Delivery combination on the spot, do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes, relevant delivery charges will apply.

16. I saw a mattress in another store but I can’t find it on your website. Can you get that mattress for me?

We are selling or retailing based on the stocks or products our suppliers / distributor has given to us. It may be able for us to find for your preferred mattress based on the models, but we may not be able to provide other mattress brand which we are not taking.

Please take note of the brand and name of the mattress, contact us and we’ll help you find out if we’re carrying the same model of mattress that you saw.

17. Can I customize my mattresses and beds with you?

Yes of course! Please contact us with your desired dimensions, specifications or even budgets to get a quote. Our team will not hesitate to help you and we will give you a satisfatory pricing and measurements.

18. How will I know if my current mattress would fit in your bed frames?

Our bed frames are manufactured to accommodate all standard-sized mattresses.

Here is our general mattress guideline:

King: 190cm x 183cm

Queen: 190cm x 152cm

Super Single: 190cm x 107cm

Single: 190cm x 91cm

19. What if the furniture doesn’t fit well in my home after I’ve bought it?

Our customer service officers will be more than glad to assist you with the product dimensions and provide as much details as possible for you to make an informed decision.

Otherwise, you can also refer to the various dimensions as specified on each product description before making your purchase. Discuss with our customer service team before you get a satisfied purchase.

20. What happens if the furniture cannot fit into the lift on the day of delivery?

If such unfortunate incident happens, we will access if the furniture can be carried up via stairs in a non hazardous manner.

If the process is deemed hazardous, e.g proned to damage on narrow stairway or obstructing passage,orangeliving.sg reserves the right not to proceed with the delivery and refund you the payment if you have made any.

Should the delivery is deemed safe to be carried via stairs; there is no charge for first 3 storeys. Subsequent storey will be charged at $5 per store.

orangeliving.sg also reserves the right to rearrange an alternative delivery date should the timing do not allow as there might be other pending deliveries on schedule for that day.

21. What are Pocketed Springs?

Individual springs are wrapped in a fabric encasement to create pocket springs. Each coil works independently providing a moderately even conforming to your body contours.

This individually pocketed springs also means that partner disturbance is reduced to an almost absolute zero in some of the better mattresses and is perfect for those who find themselves kept awake at night by the tossing and turning for their partners.

22. What are Bonnell Springs?

Bonnell springs, or open coil units, are spring units which are connected together. This is about the most conventional mattress spring system that’s in the market today.

Many large mattress manufacturers favor the open coil unit for its low production costs and tension variety. Bonnell springs mattresses generally feel harder compared to pocketed spring mattresses and tend to result in partner disturbance as they’re connected together.